Construction companies are using 3D modeling this way

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Why use 3D Models?

The impact of 3D modeling on construction is far more than just observing models. It has changed how building designs were once created and shown. Today, 3D modeling technology has gained considerable importance in real-estate industry. From architects to buyers, it is helpful for all stakeholders. Bring your imagination to life. You can alter it, share it, and see how others can improve it. The effects of 3D modeling are the most transformative for AEC services. 3D modeling can elevate client satisfaction as the client gets more control over the product.

360 Degree Virtual Tour

Implementing 3D modeling has become a core part of the construction business. Even before a building is constructed, the 360-degree virtual tour enables the stakeholders to see how the interior and exterior design will look like. The stakeholders can visualize any changes they want with the help of just a few clicks. Virtual tours have revolutionized the whole construction process, as the stakeholders can monitor progress at every step. Things get much easier for supervisors as they can maintain progress reports while analyzing everything remotely. Ultimately, it helps in achieving objectives in time and at a lower cost.

The exterior and interior 3D modeling for the construction project are extensively helpful in marketing as it helps the buyers in analyzing the design without physically visiting a site. Hence, it enables investors to break through the noise and reach more buyers. Besides, the whole technology-oriented advertisement itself leaves a strong impression on clients.

According to research, more than half of the young Internet considers virtual tours before buying any property. Listings of real estate that offer virtual tours get up to 87% more responses than average listings do.

How are 3D Models Used?

A 3D Model is one of the most advanced technologies used for real-estate marketing. It is compared to a 3D game where you can look around and focus on anything you want to. There are different forms of 3D walkthroughs being used in the construction business. 3D walkthrough video is one of the most commonly used technologies, and it is very responsive. 3D Models enables the buyers to feel as if they are present in building and to see how it looks like with distinct furniture than has or with no furniture at all. It generates a view of the estate to by digital modeling and brings it to life. This unique experience takes buyers beyond their imagination.  

Benefits of Exterior and Interior 3D Modeling for Construction Project

3D modeling is beneficial from the beginning of a project to the end. It has far more benefits than just observing the design on the computer. Modern marketing techniques are more convincing than traditional methods; they consider 3D modeling to be a game-changer for real-estate business. The Following are benefits of 3D modeling for construction projects:

Enhances Creativity

3D modeling tools have reduced the workload of architects and enabled them to focus on enhancing architectural creativity. Architects can visualize their ideas and make them even more creative with the push of a few buttons. They do not need to draw time-consuming blueprints or calculate lengths; computer software can take care of that. Paper-based designs have become obsolete as the architectural presentations have moved from the draft panel to the computer.

Saves Time and Cost

3D design facilities make demonstrations easier and at a low cost. It can alter the design in no time, and the stakeholders can visualize the resulting changes. The time and cost estimation for a project becomes easier, and hence, it reduces the chances of failure. Although setting up 3D modeling can be expensive, it is a one-time investment that generates a profit and saves cost in the long run. Technology-centric construction firms experience more conversions compared to average firms.

Early Identification of Problems

Apart from the marketing advantages and visualization benefits, 3D modeling is also helpful in pointing out structural flaws. It can detect multiple types of design flaws with the help of simulation tools. Advanced 3D modeling tools can run tests and simulate the robustness of any building.

Help with Team Collaboration

The construction process involves the collaboration of multiple departments. Communication becomes easier when all team members can visualize their targets. There are certain activities integrated between multiple departments and team members. When every team member understands how his duty interlinks with other team members, the whole process becomes efficient.