Utilizing Drone Technology In The Dusk Of Old Technology

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Drones provide aerial standpoint and fact-gathering capabilities that make them a practical tool, supplying benefits that vary from on-site security to faraway monitoring. They have revolutionized construction procedures. Although there are traditional tools and techniques for acquiring these features, they are expensive and time-consuming. Budget and time are essential elements of any project, and both can be saved using drones.

Construction has experienced an almost 239% increase in drone use in the last 12 months – higher than any other business area. It was once in the past that the drones were considered gimmicks at an exceptional cost. But now, future-oriented contractors are watching their trust pay off as drones shortly collect immense data on their locations that would in the past have been prohibitively high-priced and extraordinarily time-consuming. Now, future-oriented firms are introducing drones to their tools and enjoying the perks of modern technology.

Key Features of Drones in Construction:

Each drone used in construction is equipped with advanced features and sensors for extensive functioning at the construction site.

  • ⦁ GPS unit for precise location mapping and position tracking.
    ⦁ Cameras for recording images and videos.
    ⦁ Infrared sensors for detecting objects.
    ⦁ Thermal sensors for capturing thermal details on the site.

Recorded data can be dispatched to a computer and analyzed with the help of software. CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) can be formed with the help of recorded data. CAD makes it easier to alter the design and observe the results. These features allow development initiatives to be greater efficient, constructing tasks to be better managed, and inspections to be extra thorough.

Advantages of Drones in Construction

The advantages of drones are far more than just providing a view on the construction site. Drones are changing the way buildings are built and marketed. Following are some advantages of drones in construction:

Land Inspecting

Every land inspector aims for high accuracy. Many land departments require Drone data for Land Mapping. Orthomosaic features created by drones are used to update and create land cover. The accuracy of Land inspecting can also be calculated by measuring distances between characteristic points.

The high-resolution images captured through drones can be transformed into 3D models.

Inspecting Construction Sites

A site inspection can be difficult and risky. A proper inspection can help to minimize time and cost. Safety is a priority, and with the use of drones, it can be ensured. Instead of physically inspecting construction sites, drones are frequently used to capture data from hard to reach areas. They receive images at the ground station and can be analyzed at the ease of sitting in the office.

Mapping Projects

Mapping a construction site is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly. Using a plane/helicopter for mapping can be budget-breaking. The same details can be obtained using drones at a very affordable price. Drones can quickly provide access to any area with ease and can provide all the information in real-time.



Communication and Management

Drones are used as a source of contact at the construction site. They help in establishing a communication channel between the working stakeholders. The mounted cameras on drones provide video footage for surveillance and communication. Concerned individuals can access a live stream, and can pass instructions to the relevant workers.

Equipment Documenting and Automating

During construction operations, it is difficult to manage multiple functions while physically preserving energy and saving costs. Inspecting equipment has become easier by applying drones.

Marketing and Business Development

Apart from using these recordings for aid in construction, they can also be used for the marketing of the property. A high-quality aerial-view construction site video can be helpful for potential buyers in a better assessment of the site’s current condition.
Videos and photos do the best work of illustrating projects. Still, few companies use budget-breaking helicopters or aircraft for their aerial images, and they have their downfalls. This includes cost, quality, efficiency, time, and security. However, drones are affordable, and they offer all the necessary features.

Aerial Infrared Scanning

While drones are primarily used today to take photos and videos, they can be used to scan sites during and post-development. Aerial infrared imaging/scanning is a technology that is being utilized by many large companies. Aerial infrared imaging is being used by the AEC industry for claims, post damage assessment, and many other ways. Contact us to find out more.